The best way to secure your vehicle against unexpected expensive problems nowadays is through a car warranty. The best part about a car warranty is that it gives you the peace of mind every time you buy new car. That means if your car is having some serious mechanical problems then you can replace its parts or in some cases get a new car with your car warranty.

Most of the time people go for a car warranty when they purchase a new car but there are some cases where people can’t buy new cars and they go for the used ones that are out of its warranty period. So in case of used vehicle if your car breaks down due to some mechanical failure, you will have to pay the charges for its repair yourself. To avoid this, you will have to purchase an extended car warranty for your used vehicle as well. Hence, car warranty is required for every kind of vehicles we use. And the most important aspect of car warranty is to find right warranty provider for best plan. The manufacturer warranty for a new or used car is usually limited, so you may have to buy the extended car warranty in order to insure against mechanical repairs for your vehicle.

Remember that the terms and policies offered by different warranty providers are not the same. You will find different types of policies for your vehicle, so you need to search different providers and compare their policies to get the best for your car. Always look for the plan that offers bumper to bumper services and ensure that any claims on your car warranty will be paid. The best way to ensure the best car warranty plan is to go for a reputed car warranty company. If you don’t have any idea about the best car warranty companies, then the information about top companies in this article will definitely help.

 Types of Car Warranty Options

   Warranty Direct LuxuryCarePlus LuxuryCare ExtraCare SecureCare  Warranty Direct
Click 4 Warranty 3 Star Warranty 4 Star Warranty 5 Star Warranty N/A  Click 4 Warranty
Warranty Wise  04/40 Cover Level  06/60 Cover Level  08/80 Cover Level  10/100 Cover Level  
AA Warranty  3 Star Cover 5 Star Cover Gold Cover N/A
Go Car Warranty  Complete Car Warranty Ultimate Car Warranty Ultimate Plus Car Warranty Absolute Car Warranty

You will find there are several companies providing car warranty cover  in the UK. But the companies that are considered as top warranty providers are Warranty Direct, Click4Warranty, Warranty Wise, Go Car Warranty, and AA Warranty. Now let’s compare few of these with each other. By comparing Warranty Direct and Click4Warranty we can find out that the policies and cover packages are different for both of these.

The claims limit of Warranty Direct is equal to the value of the vehicle you will register for the quote, while the claims limit for Click4Warrant range from £3000 to £7000. Both of these warranty providers are suitable for new and used cars, but it’s a better idea to go for Warranty Direct if you own an expensive car as you can claim the price of your vehicle if it breaks down. All the quotes offered by Warranty Direct cover Wear & Tear, Engine, Brakes and Suspension in the warranty.

If you choose Click4Warranty then you should keep in mind that some of their packages do not cover Brakes and Suspension. Anyone who is looking for an effective warranty plan for a used car can pick GoCarWarrant. They offer two covers basically, one is for £99 which covers most basic parts of the vehicle and other is the ultimate warranty for £158 that covers the whole vehicle.  AA Warranty is offering 3 kinds of warranty cover. They name them as 3 star cover, 5 star over and Gold cover. Both of these companies offer clams up to full value of the car.

You can compare different warranty providers in the market and find the best warranty according to your budget and requirement.